Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Second Renaissance (or third I suppose)

So I've had a few people tell me that I should start my own blog. I have to admit, this is definitely not my first attempt at one, however it is my first attempt at one while being over the age of 18, so at least I have that going for me.

My first blog was a Xanga. I maintained that for all of about 2 months before I let it fall to the wayside. It was mainly a blog about my girlfriend at the time as well as a few thing, here or there, about school and friends.

My second was part of my old Myspace page. After they had added the blogging feature, i decided to give it a shot, and even though i wrote some pretty cool things down, it never really took off mainly because noone in particular was really reading it. And then again...it was Myspace.

This will technically be my third blog then and hopefully, being a charm and all, the third time I will actually maintain it better. I can't even begin to imagine what I can write about as most of the things I have to say are better spoken through word-of-mouth. I suppose I can start with my blog title, though.

Human after all, though a simple saying, means more to me than any other quote i think i've ever heard. For those who don't know where, specifically, I picked it up, its the title of a Daft Punk album and as the name of a song on that album. My infatuation with Daft Punk is better left for a seperate blog entry.

The song contains the lyrics, "We are Human, after all; Much in common, after all." The lyrics repeat over and over for majority of the song and although its a little repetitive, it's a very dynamic song. The lyrics, however, is what really capture me about it.

"We are human"

The simplest of statements. A musical 'I-think-therefore-I-am' parody. We are human. And in this simple form, those 3 words can mean so much. If you take it in the literal sense, we are all members of the human race. If you take it in a figurative sense, we are all fallible. Mortal. Flawed.
(side note: always hated when people associated the human condition with being flawed and weak. I understand the comparison they're making to a higher power but just because you've never seen a god doesn't make them infallible)
No matter which way you interpret those words, they can describe almost every action you make.

"Much in common"

It seems that the entirety of the human race has forgotten this fact. No matter which you way you twist or turn, we all came from the same place. Wether that place be Adam's rib and the Garden of Eden, or through the many, many years of evolution, we all came from a single source. And through all of our wars and religions and greed and power, we have completely lost sight of that fact. We have seen plant species go through hundreds of different evolutionary changes throughout our short lifetime. From simply changing colors or the shapes of their leaves to developing ingenious forms of survival in their harsh new habitats. We see that happen before our eyes and we believe that to be normal, an everyday event, but when you even hint at the fact that humans may have evolved into what they are today, suddenly we're spouting blasphemy? Grow up, world. How long can this all go on? How long can we convince ourselves that one person is totally different from another person in every single way? Or even worse, how can we go on believing that certain people are less human than others? Does noone else see the dementia in that thought process?

Excuse my rambling there, I tend to get rather excitable when I talk about the stupidity that unfortunately plagues our world.

In short, the words have always struck a chord with me (ha) and I've taken them on as a personal motto (and obviously as the title for my inane ramblings).

Remember, though we may be foolish, greedy, ignorant, petty, and power hungry, we are all...inevitably....Human After All.

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